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2021-22 Important Dates & Holidays

August 9: Classes Begin

September 6: Labor Day -Studio Closed

September 20-23: Bring A Friend Week

November 4: Costume Balance Due

November 5: Costumes Fees Charged

November 11: Veteran's Day -Studio Closed

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break -Studio Closed

December 13-17: Christmas Show (at MDC)

December 20-31: Christmas Break -Studio Closed

January 3: Classes Start Back

February 3: Recital Fee Due

February 4: Recital Fee Charged

February 28-March 4: Mardi Gras Break -Studio Closed

March 5-12: Picture Week

March 11: Program Ads Due

April 4-8: Spring Break -Studio Closed

May 12-13: Rehearsal at Daphne Civic Center

May 13-14: Recital at Daphne Civic Center

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