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Are you interested in becoming a part of MDC's Performance Team? 

Would your dancer like to perform additional times throughout the year? MDC has a Performance Team for dancers age 4 and up. Our Performance Team performs at community events and parades. We also participate in other events such as dancing with the New Orleans Saintsations and South Alabama Prowlers Dance team. 

Being on the team MDC Performance Team takes hard work and dedication. As a performance team member, we always expect your best. You are a leader in our dance family at all times. We want to help you achieve your highest potential as a dancer and as a member of society. We ask that you always do your best and have fun while doing it!

How to Audition for the 2020-21 Performance Team

1. Email for more information regarding the team.

2. Submit a video via email by July 10th. No video submissions will be accepted after July 10th.

3. Include the following in the video:

Ages 4-7

- Introduction of the dancer including their name, age, school, grade and what they love about dance.

- Right and left battements (kicks) across the floor

- Right, Left and Middle splits

- Right and Left Pencils

- Right and Left Heel Stretches

- Video of provided choreography 

- Any additional tricks

Ages 8+

- Include all of the above requirements 

- Right and Left pirouettes

- Right, Left and Middle Leaps

- Tuck jump straddle

- Right and Left Fan Kicks

- 4, 8-counts of additional choreography

- Any additional tricks

4. Have fun!!!

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